The Data

Q. What data do you sell?

A. We have access to both home sales and rentals. You can target properties when they first come on to the market “For Sale”, when the property becomes “Under Offer” or when a rental property goes onto the market “To Let” or “Let Agreed”. You can also buy a selection of these trigger points.

Q. What do we actually get when we buy?

A. As standard, you will receive the address of the property. You also get the value of the property and the number of bedrooms, if known.

With our subscription service, it is possible for us to supply you with a name (as many as we can) for an additional cost. This allows you to personalise your mailing and address the occupant of the property directly.

Q. How often is the data refreshed?

A. The data is updated and refreshed online every day. We recommend that you log in at least once per week to keep on top of the addresses and ensure that you do not miss out on any new entries. This will keep you ahead of your competition.

With our subscription service, you can choose weekly or daily* delivery and the data will be automatically sent to you as soon as our database is refreshed. Find out more about the subscription service here.

*Daily delivery is available to most of our clients. Please get in touch to find out if you are eligible.


Q. Can you supply occupant names?

A. We can, however, we can only do this through our subscription and fulfilment service. See more on this here.

Q. What happens when a property gets re-listed by the same or another agent, or even re-sold after the initial sale goes through?

A. We keep a history file in place containing all the addresses that you have ever been sent. If we see the same address within 6 months of you being sent an address, it is automatically removed from your data so that you are not paying for duplicate addresses in this 6-month period.

Q. Can you send mailers out for me?

A. Yes, we offer a fulfilment service where we send out A5 postcards or A4 letters to the addresses on your behalf. Find out more about our fulfilment service here.

Q. How do I transfer my addresses onto my letter, envelopes or labels?

A. We have put together a handy document to save you some time. Download our guide to creating a Mail Merge with your MoverAlerts


Q. Do you cover the whole of the UK?

A. We have full UK postcode coverage and the largest, most comprehensive database of homemovers in the UK.

Q. Can postcode districts be used to select my target area?

A. Yes, we can use either postal areas (MK) or postal districts (MK10) to really target your home mover search.

Q. Can areas and districts be calculated based on a distance from me?

A. Yes, our system online allows you to select a radius around a postcode which you can get the data for.

Q. Am I limited to how many regions/districts I can have?

A. No, though all addresses are subject to availability.

Q. How many clients do you sell the data to?

A. We sell each address to a maximum of four clients.


Q. How much does the service cost?

A. The price starts from just 41p per address. We also have discount codes regularly in use for short periods of time – keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter accounts for details of these.

Q. Can we pay monthly?

A. All orders directly from MoverAlerts.co.uk are payable in advance. However, we do offer a subscription service which allows you to pay monthly via invoice. Check out more about our subscription service here.

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