How It Works

TwentyCi has the most accurate, comprehensive and compliant source of home mover information in the UK. MoverAlerts help companies connect with people in the home moving process.

MoverAlerts can be selected by geography and property price ensuring only the types of home movers they want to attract are targeted.

In order to get a better understanding of how the process works, please see the steps shown below.

Step one

Find your prospects

Step two

Sign up / Login

Step three

Amend / confirm your selection

Step four

Purchase MoverAlerts

Step five

Download your MoverAlerts

Step six

Contact Home Movers

Step One

Find your MoverAlerts

Find the available MoverAlerts in your local area by selecting your criteria. Once you are happy with your selection click on Generate MoverAlerts

Select your Criteria

Select your area criteria to see what leads are available in a location near you

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Map Key

Double click on the icon to select / deselect a postcode or hover over the icons to see what volume of MoverAlerts are available within a postcode area.

Marker green Selected Postcode Marker blue Deselected Postcode

Generate MoverAlerts

Here you can refine your MoverAlerts selection criteria adding minimum and/or maximum property values (£'s) and number of bedrooms. Once you have made your selection you can proceed to purchase MoverAlerts.

Order History

Here you can review your current and previous MoverAlerts orders.


We are able to provide a professional fulfilment and production facility whereby we will manage the data selection, design, print, personalisation and postal despatch on behalf of companies. To discuss your requirements further please contact us on 01908 829300 or

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